Ornithology is more than a hobby for me.
It fascinates me, it delights me, it balances me out.

I study birds more from a behavioral perspective than from a pathological one.

With both native and foreign birds.

I like all of them: house sparrows and wood pigeons, parrots as well as parakeets.

I am also building devices to collect measurement data on the following topics:

  • When do they come to eat? And how often? (During the day.)
  • How many? (Especially interesting for sparrows and finches.)
  • Which birds come to eat and which only come to drink?
  • How much do they eat? (Is there anything left?)
  • How do you eat? (At rest, in a hurry, hectic, stressed, with an appetite, or are they sorting the food?)

If you have any questions, please contact me. Or write me an email.